BIO Extravirgin Olive Oil

bioextravirginoliveoil“MAKE OLIVE OIL” every year is part of our tradition, for a little Farm like us, it is more then a simple production.
Tradition in Sicily means TraditionS, a mix of arabic influences,  Spanish, from North Europe, from everywhere, because not only for military reason this Land was appreciated but also for its beautiful natural resources.

Sun and Sea give us extraordinary products from our extraordinary Island.

In this Island we are not a big company, so we can say that for us is more then a business.

Quality before is the way, in a family farm this is more easy to follow. It’s still possible produce something good for your body and for your soul in a way that was the same way for a thousand of years.
To produce in a very high level quality you need to put passion and work, maybe more hard but the result is the best.
Another thing is the respect. Respect for nature and trees.

Yes, we are Bio, and our Farm do not use chemical product ever.

Why do not came to visit us for taste?

But if you are in Europe, you can start to try part of us.

Ask for our Bio Extravirgin Olive Oil for Germany and Nord Europe at: