Wild Orange Flowers

IMG_9816 copia

  Zagara, here in Sicily,  is the name for flowers of any tree. Zagara is also the name of the Citrus flower. Wild Orange is the most important blossom, it is the rootstock of all types of Citrus and also is the most intense in terms of aroma. The famous Essential Oil comes from this, […]

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Trapanese Pesto


This Sicilian classical Recipe born in Trapani, it is one of the most easy and fresh, just have the right season elements and a blender to do this. We use to put on bruschetta but is also an extraordinary “condimento” for Pasta. For us was a nice meeting 7 years ago. A student house in […]

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Berlin on my mind

Organize a meal here in Zisolhouse is quite usual for us, but the idea to do this in Berlin was so new and exiting. Choosing the best oranges, preparing the fava beans, lemons, olive oil, sending wine and fresh wild herbs, of course, all from our Bio Farms here in Sicily with the idea to offer, […]

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Good Food


When we start our experience here in Zisolhouse, in Sicily, close the Baroque Town of Noto, the first exciting thing was to discover all possibilities a land can offer to you. Hoe, spade, rake, scissors become our daily tools and everything was beautiful like all things for the first time you do. So, the possibilities […]

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Aloe Vera Siciliana

This little story start 8 years ago when some friends came with this cactus and say: Fabio, do you want for Zisolhouse? I said: Yes of course. Then I start to know better what kind of “cactus” grow so well in my garden. I think do not be the first to speak about Aloe Vera […]

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Sicilian Lemon Jam

Lemon jam

Maria was here like every year, this is one of the most beautiful present I receive from my “costumers”. My lemons used for real things and not for strange crazy Market processes. Just from a Sicilian Lemon Garden to Germany and there became a Jam for be preserved all year. That’s it.  

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