Making food is an experience: preparing food, share food, watch food, smell food, eat food, of course.

We decided to live in the countryside 12 years ago, it was hard, especially at the first time, but very exciting. We learned the right time any tree needs to grow and this was an answer to the contemporary times we are living.

Something natural, without any form of stress (maybe not true 100%), growing step by step. But if we look before, one of the most important things was the connection with people. Now in a new way, with the internet, we created a Farm again, a Farm in a place was a Farm 300 years ago, using the same style, same houses, where the center was not the quantity of production (in the past the quantity was really stable) but life of people, today we can say the quality of life, spending a good time with our guest who decides to visit our Farm.

So, have a pleasure to show what we are doing here, witch herbs are ready now, how to prepare, what time is right for the harvest, how the grafts are going, which kind of hybrid you can do without any genetic help. We try to propose our old style in a new way, the same way. This gives us the possibility to follow this back way to discover better the roots of Mediterranean Diet, now a brand very often confused especially if you don’t live a strong relationship where the products came from and when they are really ready.  We exported sometimes this style and people who came really enjoy. So we hope to do more and more.



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