Such a warm winter here in Sicily,

Follow a more natural approach in agriculture the problem of it looks like the problem we always had in the past so I can use the same words of my grandfather, looking at the sky and say: never rain for us ever! Agriculture and Water are always and everywhere connected, here in Sicily, this essential meeting between these 2 elements, water and hearth became extremely intense showing how essential they are for each other.

Well, I don’t want to speak here about climate change but what I see from my perception is the impact of intensive agriculture that doesn’t care a lot about this, transforming it into a question of numbers only. No water means just more irrigation, more costs.

Can it be possible to imagine another kind of agriculture, helping farmers to discover again its dignity?

When this happens, also food will be better and if we are what we eat…the solution often it’s not so distance but it’s so difficult to accept.