This little story start 8 years ago when some friends came with this cactus and say: Fabio, do you want for Zisolhouse? I said: Yes of course. Then I start to know better what kind of “cactus” grow so well in my garden. I think do not be the first to speak about Aloe Vera properties, better to say what kind of use I try directly. At first, for the skin, but then I start to prepare this famous recipe of Padre Zago. So easy to do, and so good and healthy! So this year I comunicate we are working for the little Aloe Vera Vivaio in Zisolhouse, using only Bio way (in this case means, we don’t use nothing, just some water in summer) we are cutting the little one to put in a singular pot. After some years we will plant directly in the land.

I will show you all passages next months