“Cuddura” is the name of this bread.

Traditional throughout Southern Italy.
It’s representative of how old the relationship is between this area and this Product. (And Carbs, you say) .
The Mediterranean Culture is so connected with this food, that it isn’t possible to speak about one, without the other.
The relationship, runs so deeply within Mediterranean culture, that it’s seen as an essential for life, so much so, that it’s life itself.

In Italy, when we speak about going back home for something to eat, there is never enough space for other ingredients, but always enough room for the bread. “Bring home the bread” Another traditional expression, that comes to mind, and this one is typically Sicilian, is “The bread is bread”. The definition of this being “There’s nothing like bread”.
In this part of the world, there is no doubt that we are lovers of bread 🙂

A short introduction to explain the shape of this bread better, is as follows :-

Why this shape?
Cast your mind back and imagine in days gone by, moving from place to place, but on foot. Perhaps walking to work on a piece of land, far from your home. Carrying necessities wasn’t easy, however having a a long stick that enables you to wrap a bundle of items, tied up in cloth to carry on the end of your stick, over your shoulder, was a good solution, like this shape of bread, to hang on the stick, was it not?

Often you will find the way forward, in the past, and with this old knowledge that we can use today, should be known and passed on to future generations to protect it and keep it alive.