IMG_6694 copiaWhen we start our experience here in Zisolhouse, in Sicily, close the Baroque Town of Noto, the first exciting thing was to discover all possibilities a land can offer to you. Hoe, spade, rake, scissors become our daily tools and everything was beautiful like all things for the first time you do. So, the possibilities to do something for yourself and be independent from Supermarkets looks like the best thing we did. Km0 philosophy was the way, Km 0,5, Km 0,3 etc.. but something was distance at the same time.

Yes, roots are important, but run to be the as close as possible to your products can became insane. The most important things and the the most delicious recipes born in a change. Cultural changes, products changes, experiences changes..if Food is part of our history (can be different?) it can not be static. The beautiful experience to be able to do all processes from colture to work, to prepare, to cook, to eat can be exiting but, what is the real Soul in a meal?

Here we discover this dimension only when people start to visit us, in a amazing change of culture, jams, recipes, cakes, you discover what is the real important thing behind the Food. At the same time was a way to know better ourself and our Island.

The problem (if there is one), is not only between Near Food and Distance Food but, we think it is more between Good Food and Bad Food. Also for this, to enjoy this prospective, we are working to “export” Zisolhouse and organize some events in Europe Cities just to dimostrate that Food World is also our property, property of good people want to enjoy a meal with good Food with all time it need.