Femminello Siracusano IGP is the quality of lemon we are harvest at the moment .

The Siracusa Lemon PGI (in Italian, Limone di Siracusa IGP) is the fruit of the cultivar “femminello siracusano” and its clones, corresponding to the botanical species Citrus x limon L. Burm. The femminello siracusano cultivar is the most common variety of lemon in Italy, and produces three flowerings: the primofiore  (from October to March), the bianchetto (from April to June) and the verdello (from July to September). 

femminello because of the fertility of the plant, which flowers all year round: the primofiore (literally, “first flower”) matures from October to March, has an elliptical shape, skin and flesh which varies from light green to lemon-yellow, and lemon-yellow juice; the bianchetto ripens from April to June, is ovoid-elliptical, with light yellow skin, yellow flesh and lemon-yellow juice; the verdellomatures from July to September, is an spheroid elliptical shape, light green skin, and lemon-yellow flesh and juice.

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