LIVE Food Experience in a Sicilian Farm

Yes, it’s happening. After some time in our Farm in Sicily, some truths became clear. One of those truths — that I often explain to our guests when they first arrive — is: this Farm is not only a place of food production, it’s our home, it’s a meeting place.

And what better way to discover the roots of a region created by meetings between different cultures than by sharing a meal?

Yes, this is our little story: 15 years of farming, meeting people, and enjoying meals together. It’s the story of this place in Sicily, a piece of land passed down by my grandfather to me.

Sharing Food Knowledge

Knowledge and food history… what better place to study it than at the Farm? All these meetings around the same table converged around these topics: good food, how to produce it, how to distribute it. Inevitably the conversations would lead to deeper reflections about the truest and most important issues surrounding food and culture.

A Cooking Class at Zisolhouse

Well, we decided it was time to convert this beautiful experience into something similar that was feasible under the circumstances.

We propose a little online tour in our Farm and cooking some recipes together (around one hour and half). We will provide a list of ingredients to buy a few days before — simple things because simple is our approach. We are Farmers, not professional chefs, and we will be happy to share our recipes that came from the rich culinary traditions of our Country.

If you are interested in connecting with our Farm via a cooking class, please contact us directly. We can put together a unique experience together.