It was really nice to spend a day in Benedetto’s vineyard, just a little peace of land close to IMG_7291Trecastagni, a little town on the Etna.

Black volcanic stone, stone wall, black soil, rich and hard agricolture. One of the most
incredibile place of Sicily where the instability of life became justify for the richest of the ground. An explosion of fruit, vegetables and trees seems say to you: here is the place.

Tipical wine area, an excellent Nerello Mascalase made in a natural way. Wine very often is a big business and became very rare to find an authentic product like this. Benedetto put all his passion on it and you can taste. I’m convinced day by day that products are parts of us, and more close is this relation, between human and products, more value go in the product.

We taste part of Benedettos family life, with Francesca and Alberto.

Next October will be harvest, ask in Zisolhouse to have a piece of Etna, a piece of Benedettos life.

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