This Sicilian classical Recipe born in Trapani, it is one of the most easy and fresh, just have the right season elements and a blender to do this. We use to put on bruschetta but is also an extraordinary “condimento” for Pasta.

For us was a nice meeting 7 years ago. A student house in Catania where, of course, meal was time to celebrate together with other people. At that time our friend Mirko from Enna said: I have something to do, my grandmother made this in summer. We need just Basil, Cheese and tomatoes, all fresh. From that day this recipe is always in Zisolhouse when first Tomatoes grows. Was also our start in Berlin for some events. Here the recipe:


100 gr Pecorino Siciliano or Cosacavaddu or Parmesan

50 gr Almonds

500 gr cherry tomatoes possible Pachino IGP

10 leaves of Basil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Clove of Garlic


Very easy to do, wash the tomatoes and Basil add almond and cheese, olive oil, salt and a spot of chilly. We use to to mix not for long time to leave elements

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