Yes, the agricolture scene is not always stable, specially in a bio Farm. A bad year like this for all of our area is very rare and but it’s not just one factor that creates a bad year, here are some main factors:

  • The dry winter: Year by year the olive trees (strongest local trees) have suffered 4 continuous dry winters.
  • Mother Nature: every year, by nature, Olive Trees produce one year more and one year less. This year is the year that has produced less.
  • April: This Month was very hot and did not help during the flower season in which it did not give a chance for the fruit to mature.

All of these factors caused a bad harvest for one of the most important cultivation scenes in Sicily.

This information can help, not only to inform you about our extra virgin olive oil but about what is happening here. If you are an agricultural farmer and this is happening to you, it’s a problem in all of Sicily at the moment, a completely natural process. The Olive Trees are great to find the right balance and they’re better alone than any kind of human help. The making of extra virgin olive oil has to be done in the right way, like: pruning, working the soil several times etc, but making more than just agricultural produce is against what we want to offer to our customers: Real 100% bio natural produce.



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