Zagara, here in Sicily,  is the name for flowers of any tree. Zagara is also the name of the Citrus flower. Wild Orange is the most important blossom, it is the rootstock of all types of Citrus and also is the most intense in terms of aroma. The famous Essential Oil comes from this, name: Neroli.

The idea of picking flowers and having a flower harvest, initially sounds very funny, until you discover that this was one of the harvests of old, particularly in this Area between Noto and Avola. Yes of course, harvesting several kilos of flowers to give you enough quantity to have essential oil is not so simple, however, here in Zisolhouse we have prepared several trees over the years to do this.

A Beautiful experience indeed – and the smell….No, this is not possible to put in writing, albeit perhaps you can find some inspiration in an album by Brian Eno called just Neroli